You struggling to grow facial hair? 28 years old with no beard? No worries, check out how to get started here.

So like with everything, mostly, there’s a slew of different brands out there that sell Minoxidil. It’s possible some are better than others right? Eh, maybe. For the most part it’s going to be the same thing whether you get a cheap brand or an expensive brand.

So what are all the brands? Well, here’s a list of the most popular.

  • Equate
  • Kirkland
  • Rogaine
  • Tugain
  • Mintop
  • Minoxytop
  • Morr
  • & Much More…

So, with all the selection of products what is the best? Simple.

How will I know this? Easy because most of every single one of those I listed has the same ingredients.

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Alcohol
  3. Propylene Glycol (found in liquid, not foam)
  4. Purified Water

So don’t worry, all of these will help you grow facial hair. Some people will find they favor one brand over another, but I think that’s just us being human and showing favoritism over something. Of course the only thing that may vary is the percentages of ingredients in them, so if that’s something you wish to look into then you can usually find the percentages on the back of the box.