I made a post last month announcing a bit of an experiment with someone who you can consider a “non responder” or a “slow responder” to minoxidil. This is an update on that, the guy was using just an over the counter retinol serum found on Amazon, but now has been using prescription grade tretinoin that he bought online.

How To Obtain Prescription Tretinoin Online (recommended over OTC, in my opinion)

He has been using tretinoin daily, sometimes skipping a day and applying it 30-40 minutes prior to applying minoxidil to his face. I’m going to post the same pictures we posted last month so you can get a sense of what we were working with and how much progress he has seen.


This is what we started with, as you can see not much going on.

After (10 days of Tretinoin)

As you can see, many new hairs growing, when zoomed in you can see a lot of new development.

This is great, he still has a long way to go but I think in a few months he will have a beard covering his face. I am going to ask him to send me an update once or twice every month or two so we can see how well his growth is coming along.