People should know what they are getting into when they are fixing to get on a Minoxidil regimen for increased beard growth. It may not be the bowl of cherries you want it to be, a small minority quit applying because the side effects felt. I must reiterate, a small minority. Most will experience these side effects for a week or two at most and it will go away. Regardless though, people should know it isn’t always risk free.

When incorporating Minoxidil into your daily routine, especially in the beginning of it, I feel side effects are pretty inevitable. I like to think of it as your body getting used to something you could very easily consider a foreign substance getting applied twice.

What Are The Side Effects For Using Minoxidil For Beard?


  • Shedding Of Hair – This is a common side effect and to be honest means it’s working. The shedding of both facial and scalp hair will happen. If you are wanting to know more about why this occurs, click this and you will be able to read more into it. It’s normal.
  • Skin Irritation (Dryness) – This is more of an issue with liquid versions as it contains alcohol. Alcohol and propylene glycol is known to cause dryness, regardless of what else is in the solution those are the two that cause it. If you are worried about dryness, switch to a foam version. The best way to treat it in my opinion is to get a moisturizer that contains no DHT blockers, such as Nivea Soft, which can be found below.
  • Heart Palpitations – As you may or may not know, Minoxidil hasn’t always been around just for hair growth. It was originally used to treat those with hypertension. So there’s a good chance in the beginning you may find your heart rate may decrease or increase and you will have a feeling of a fluttering heart. It’s normal and most of the time disappears in a week or so.
  • Hair Growth In Other Places – This is extremely common as well, don’t be alarmed if you are seeing hair growth in other areas such as chest, arms and legs. Minoxidil is known to go systemic and absorbed and used in other parts of your body. It’s just what you may need to accept if this happens.

Less Common

  • Fatigue – If you are feeling a bit fatigued, or tired after applying Minoxidil, you should go about reducing or maybe skipping days for a week or two til your body becomes accustomed to applying twice. Over time introduce more (as in adding another application to your once a day) and you should be fine.
  • Dark Rings Around Eyes – Very few people may notice they have dark rings around their eyes after a prolonged use of Minoxidil, this is not as common and usually not something to worry about. Minoxidil does in fact inhibit production of collagen (see quote).

“Experiments with inhibitors of protein and RNA synthesis reveal that minoxidil may inhibit the synthesis of lysyl hydroxylase by acting at the transcriptional level…Since collagen is the major product of fibroblast activity and lysyl hydroxylase catalyzes a crucial reaction in collagen biosynthesis, the combined effects of minoxidil offer the potential for its use as an antifibrotic agent. 

Effects of minoxidil on cultured human skin fibroblasts.
  • Dizziness – If you have a feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy it’s smart just to sit down til it subsides. It is not common, but ultimately probably nothing to be worried about and should stop when you become accustomed to Minoxidil…
  • Swelling (Temporary Edema) – It may occur in the first week or two of using Minoxidil. Swelling around your face is rather normal and will go away.

Super Serious (Rare)

  • Not Working Well With Your Cardiovascular System – Meaning if you are predisposed to heart problems and this isn’t working very well with either your medication (which there isn’t any known drugs that will interact poorly with it) or just in general. It’s probably a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as possible and be advised by a doctor.
  • Rashes – You are likely allergic, stop use now and seek medical attention.
  • Severe Dizziness – Dizziness that doesn’t subside, stop use and seek medical attention.
  • Intense Chest Pain – Heart problems are nothing to ignore, stop use and seek medical attention.
  • Severe Swelling – If swelling does not go away after a few weeks, seek medical attention.
Minoxidil beard meme
Them gains could be worth it, are they for you?

So Should I Use It?

Well, of course it is entirely up to you. You will not know if it works unless you try it. If you think you may be one of the people who are sensitive to Minoxidil, then be safe and consult a doctor. Most reports show that side effects will subside, but of course there’s that small minority that will always be there that doesn’t have them that subside in a few weeks and are forced to stop it entirely.

All of the symptoms will go away when you stop, don’t worry.

Just know that those “Super Serious” side effects listed are rare. Most of every medication or solution will contain a list of severe side effects that may occur. It’s just better to know about them and do your research prior to starting. If you need a doctors okay before hand, then ask your doctor.