It’s a point of interest people seem to get stuck on when they are using Minoxidil for their beard enhancement. Will this cause irreversible shedding of my hair? Will I never grow it back once it sheds? Questions, very good questions, that fortunately have answers. For your benefit, rather happy answers that you will probably love to hear. I’m here to put a few other claims to rest, so you can rest as well.

What Causes Shedding With Minoxidil?

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This is rather simple, as I go into more detail about this in another post which you can see: How Does Minoxidil Help Growth

Anyways, a short version of it is this. When Minoxidil is used, whether it is for hair growth of the scalp or the beard it will be forcing the hair follicles that have been in a “resting” phase to enter a growing phase. This is mostly through improving blood flow to the area in which it’s applied.

Minoxidil hair cycle
The complex, yet simple hair cycle you can thank for that bit of shedding. Don’t get mad at Minoxidil, get mad at the human body.

Apply it to your scalp or beard and it can potentially improve the supply of blood and nutrients to hair follicles, improving hair density and increasing the rate of growth. So with that, shedding will happen as the weakened hairs are pushed out, of course that means they are replaced with a more healthier and thicker hair strand.

To be honest, shedding is a common and happens to people without Minoxidil use. Some more than others, but you should expect your hair to shed regardless. It’s nothing to worry about.

How Long Should You Expect This To Occur?

This is probably the question you worry about the most, now that you know it is not going to be a problem and that it will grow back. The other big question is when? When will it grow back? How long will the hair shed? Sheesh, I know… for some you may be able to get away from it more than others. Particularly the ones with thicker hair, the shedding may not bother them as much as if you already have thin hair. The thing is, there is no clean cut answer for this.

I could give one thing and that’s anecdotal evidence from using Minoxidil myself, but it is anecdotal at the end of the day so take it with a grain of salt. Shedding occurred around the end of the first month and stopped a a month and a half later. It’s safe to say that it will most probably occur, and it will occur for 3 weeks up to 3 months. You got to stick with it, the only other option is not using Minoxidil. Simple as that.32

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Minoxidil Shedding

Unfortunately there are a few misconceptions, I suppose they are logical ones I guess.

Male Pattern Baldness Will Make You Shed Faster And Won’t Regrow Afterwards

There’s been a good amount of anecdotal posts on beard forums and subreddits of people that claiming that male pattern baldness, or having a history of it in the family will exacerbate (make worse) the shedding, and once it sheds you will not be able to grow it back like a normal persons hair would.

This is of course, false. I’m sure they could have heard that Minoxidil helps people who have hair shedding due to MPB and just got it mixed up and thought they heard something, the mind does some weird things. I’m not too sure. But shedding will not occur from applying it that will not grow back eventually. Like I said, the main reason Minoxidil is used and was approved by the FDA is for people who are balding.