Minoxbeard.com is a website that specials in selling only 10 percent Minoxidil and also 12.5 percent. It’s came across my attention a few months ago, with not much being on the internet about the site it was hard to get a definitive answer whether it is a scam or not. So being me, I decided screw it. I’ll bite the bullet and try ’em out.

So I ended up purchasing two separate times from them. I wanted to see if they were consistent with their shipping and if the product was what it was said to be. We will go over it all a little more in depth.

minoxbeard.com order review

First, on October 10 I purchased a bottle of Tugain 10% liquid and a bottle of Tugain 10% Foam on October 30. It’s unfortunate that the price is what it is, you would know that if you ordered straight from India via eBay (which stopped allowing Indian vendors selling to the US) would only charge ~$16 for the same thing, but since there is no other options to choose from on the internet you are kind of forced to just deal with the price. One thing they have in their favor is since they are one of the only places to sell to the United States that they can put it at whatever price they want and if you want it bad enough you will pay for it.

So what’s the deal with it? Was it good? Was it a scam? Let’s get into it.

Is What They Sell Real?

This seems to be the worry when it comes to this site, at least it was with me. I was worried it would be fake homemade Minoxidil and I would lose all my gains I’ve made. Luckily I have purchased a bottle of real Tugain 10% from a vendor on eBay before and know the way it should be, the smell and just the feel of it when applying.

When I got it both bottles in the mail, they were in the correct boxes and both contained the Cipla holographic seal, which of course was not tampered with and legit.

  1. Was it sealed? Yes. ✓
  2. Was the smell correct? Yes. ✓
  3. Was the color correct? Yes. ✓
  4. Did it actually work? Yes. ✓

How Was The Shipping?

They only offer free shipping which is nice for US and UK orders, I think that’s why it’s so expensive to begin with, it arrived 4 days after I ordered it in a discrete package both times. That was fine with me.

Fast & Free Shipping on all USA & UK orders. EU Countries $4.95. All other Countries $5.95 Flat Fee per order.



This is the only downside when it comes to minoxbeard.com. Like I said in the beginning of this review, it does not have any competition so it can put any price they want to set them at. If you really want a 10 percent option for Minoxidil than that might be what you need to pay, unless you can find it elsewhere for cheaper of course. The prices range from $21-$45 with products that vary from Tugain 10% liquid and foam, Morr and Mintop.

Customer Service

When I had questions regarding something, I messaged them on their Facebook page asking the question as I seen they have a fast response rate, which was actually true. I promptly got a response back, though I had to ask a few times, I’m guessing they didn’t understand my question at first but at the end everything was taken care of. All in all, I thought the customer service provided was good.

Tugain foam from Minoxbeard.com
Box of Tugain 10% Foam I received from minoxbeard.com

↓↓↓ What is your experience with them? Let me know below. ↓↓↓


$21 - $45




  • 100% Real
  • Fast Shipping
  • Good Customer Service
  • Large Selection


  • Expensive