When purchasing minoxidil in the US, it’s easy to know if you are buying the real deal when it comes to 5 percent minoxidil, but what about 10 percent? It’s not sold on the shelves like it’s lesser counterpart, but there’s still vendors and websites out there that will sell it. But with things that aren’t very well known to the public and not readily availible to just walk in Walmart and purchase, there is going to be fakes.

Fortunately, it’s really not as much of a problem as people make it out to be, but there is certainly no reason not to know these basic things prior to purchasing it. Maybe a little disclaimer should be added: There is also situations where some of these tips don’t necessarily mean it’s fake but it’s a generally a good way to tell.

I’m going to be speaking from my experience, if there is someone out there who has bought other formulas or brands of 10 percent minoxidil and would like to help me expand this post, the contact me or comment below.


When it comes to smell of 10 percent, particularly Tugain, will have a much different fragarance to it compared to lets say 5 percent minoxidil like Kirklands.

If you are looking to smell the same odor as Kirkland then you will be mistaken, Tugain 10% will have a more perfume-like fragrance to it, when Kirkland has a odor that resembles alcohol.

Tugain 10 percent smell compared to kirkland 5 percent minoxidil
It’s very easy to differentiate the smells, you will know when you get real Tugain because it has a much better smell than 5% Kirkland’s.


This is a hit or miss if you happen to buy 10 percent Minoxidil outside of the United States, like in India and have it shipped in, but you need to make sure the seals are correct and that it is intact.

Like I said, it’s common to see the seal opened when you purchase from outside of the USA and get it shipped in, only because it has to go through customs and there’s a large chance someone will open it up to see what is inside of it.

Seal on 10 percent minoxidil packaging to check if it is real
When checking the seal, it’s really easy to tell if it’s been tampered.

One thing about purchasing Tugain 10 percent foam, you are able to tell if it’s been tampered by one more using one more way to check if for whatever reason the seal has been tampered with.

There’s a little connection that you are supposed to break yourself that is there to further protect you from having someone tamper and sell you fake product. It’s a bit harder to convey with words so I will show you a picture of what I am talking about.

Check if tugain 10 percent minoxidil is real or not
Make sure this little plastic bit is intact.

White Residue Left With Tugain

A lot of times, not every time, when you apply Tugain 10 percent to your face it is common for it to leave a white residue. It’s very much caused by the HLK in it, which I am pretty sure means hydrolyzed keratin.

Hydrolyzed Keratin is a protein fragment that results in smooth and shiny hair.

If you’re looking for a review of where to purchase real deal 10 percent Minoxidil, check this out. You can find it other places, but I am not too sure of it’s legitimacy.