People try to increase their gains by dermarolling while they use minoxidil. Most people say it works, some people say it doesn’t really make a difference. After reading this, hopefully you will be able to tell if you want to use it or not, of course I suggest reading the “Getting Started” page if you aren’t even using Minoxidil yet.

What Is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling is usually done by professionals done in a professional setting by using a dermaroller over your face. The dermaroller has a bunch of uses, but I’ll go over the two main ones.

Dermaroller: An instrument that creates micro pathways in the skin.

Use 1: Better absorption of topical products.
Use 2: Promote collagen synthesis.

Use 1: Better Absorption

Using a dermaroller, particularly one with a smaller sized needles is only used for better absorption of topical ointments, creams and other products such as Minoxidil.

Size of dermaroller needed for better absorption of Minoxidil for beard: 0.25mm

How To Use A 0.25mm Dermaroller For Better Absorption Of Minoxidil

It’s recommended to know that if you are going to use a dermaroller to increase absorption, you should only use it once every four days. The thing about using Minoxidil and a dermaroller is you are increasing the risks of it going systemic, which in turn means increased side effects.

Now in order to do it properly, you must make sure your face is clean so use a mild facial soap to clean it off and submerge the dermaroller into 91% isopropyl alcohol for at least two minutes and let it air dry. When it is dry, while applying a bit of pressure start rolling going up and down 8-10 times. When you finished with that, now apply the same pressure and start going diagonal from the previous motion the same amount of times.

Proper direction and way to use a dermaroller for increased beard growth.

When you finished with that, wait around 5-10 minutes and then apply the minoxidil to your face as you regularly would. Please remember, do not do this more than once every four days.

Use 2: Promote Collagen Synthesis

This is much different than the other use, please take note of that. Now, when you are dermarolling for collagen production this is what is important to know. When there is increase in collagen synthesis around a hair follicle, when it thickens during the follicles growth stage it will help support the growth of new hair as well. This is helpful because it’s known when a hair follicle enters the catagen phase it loses few layers of collagen that surround it. When we produce more of that collagen via dermarolling it helps contribute to keeping the cycle going, in turn more hair. 

Size of dermaroller needed for collagen synthesis to help beard growth: 0.5mm

How To Use A 0.5mm Dermaroller For Collagen Synthesis

When you are using a 0.5mm dermaroller, it is much different from using a 0.25mm dermaroller. The way you use it on your face is absolutely the same, but you must know to never apply your Minoxidil til after a full 18-24 hours has passed to be sure it is all fully healed and to not hinder collagen synthesis.

How Does Dermarolling Promote Collagen?

When you are using a dermaoller that is 0.5mm in length, the needles pierce the stratum cornemum and create microholes without damagign your epidermis. When you roll over your face for the recommended amount, you will result in approximately 250 holes/cm2.

The needles penetrate the stratum corneum and create small holes known as micro-conduits with minimal damage to the epidermis. This sequentially leads to the generation of growth factors which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the papillary layer of the dermis. The natural wound healing cascade is induced as platelets and neutrophils are recruited to release growth factors such as TGF-alpha, TGF-beta, and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). This ultimately results in the deposition of collagen by fibroblasts.

Review of applications of microneedling in dermatology

It’s recommended to only use a 0.5mm dermaroller once every five days to minimize the risk of damaging or causing any sort of skin irritation to your face.

How To Take Care Of Your Dermaroller

This is rather simple, but extremely important because without taking these simple steps you can risk some sort of infection of your skin, which in my opinion isn’t very fun for anyone.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Very cheap ad easy solution to make sure any sort of nasty little bacteria that is growing in and around your bathroom or bedroom does not infect this product. I recommend anything isopropyl alcohol that is higher than 90%, the higher the better.

Get a small cup, anything that will hold two or three ounces of it in and submerge the dermaroller in it for at least two minutes. Let air dry, and then use. Of course make sure your face has been cleaned with a mild faical soap. After using the dermaroller, submerge it again in the same alcohol solution for a minute or two and then put it away in an area that is closed away. For example, don’t leave it open out of it’s case on bathroom counter by the toilet. Might seem like a bit much

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Dermarolling For Beard Growth?

When you start dermarolling alongside of Minoxidil to increase beard growth you should know that it can take anywhere from two months, up to six months. Just know it’s all different from person to person. I can reassure you though, it’s been proven that using a dermaroller alongside Minoxidil increased hair growth faster and better than just Minoxidil. Note that this study was done on scalp use, so take it with a grain of salt if you want.

Dermaroller along with Minoxidil treated group was statistically superior to Minoxidil treated group in promoting hair growth in men with AGA for all 3 primary efficacy measures of hair growth. Microneedling is a safe and a promising tool in hair stimulation and also is useful to treat hair loss refractory to Minoxidil therapy.

A Randomized Evaluator Blinded Study of Effect of Microneedling in Androgenetic Alopecia

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