There’s a few myths surrounding applying minoxidil for facial hair, of course it works. But there is a lot of bro-science that comes with something when it doesn’t have a sufficient amount of science backing it.

Will Applying More Than Twice A Day Increase Growth?

I know you probably thought this at one time, if I apply this more than the recommended two times the manufacturer says than possibly the growth may come faster.


It’s a nice thought, unfortunately all you are going to do is increase the likelihood of side effects that are definitely unwanted.  More frequent application increases the possibility of adverse effects, while it has been shown that once used more often than twice/day, actually reduces Minoxidil absorption and eventually reduces effectiveness.

Will Rubbing It Into Your Face Increase Gains?

Will rubbing it into your face do anything? It sounds like it may work right? But eh…

Just apply it, rub it on and go on about your day. You do not need to aggressively rub it into your face, it will not increase absorption of anything. If you want to increase absorption, check out what I wrote on dermarolling with a 0.25mm dermaroller.

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