Update Found Here: If you are looking to see an update of what growth he has had, check it out above. He switched from OTC retinol to a prescription tretinoin.

Man, this was hard. It took me a long ass time for me to find someone who was willing to let me use them as a guinea pig, especially someone who is considered a slow respondent to minoxidil. It happened though, so let’s get into the results. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I will be getting in contact with him in the next following weeks or months to see what’s going on with him.

I’m going to keep the guy anonymous because he doesn’t want his name out so I’ll respect that, it doesn’t really matter though. The results are all the matter to me…

It’s something going on in the minoxidil beard community that retinol can help non-respondents or slow respondents of minoxidil to actually see growth. I wrote an article on it if you are wanting to get more in-tune with the studies and science behind it.

This is solely for what results we seen with this guy who was struggling to see chin growth AT ALL! Absolutely nothing it seemed. I purchased him an OTC Retinol serum on Amazon, which you can find below and he used it everyday, twice before applying Minoxidil to his face…


A Slow Respondent Responding To Minoxidil After Daily Retinol
You will have to open the image and zoom in on both, but the growth of vellus hairs 7 days after is hard to ignore.
A Slow Respondent Responding To Minoxidil After Daily Retinol Before
A Slow Respondent Responding To Minoxidil After Daily Retinol After

It’s hard to ignore these gains, vellus hairs are the start of a beard so we will hopefully get an update from this dude…


  • Applying Retinol Serum twice a day, 30 to 45 minutes prior to applying 5% Minoxidil.

Science Behind It

In this study, we demonstrate that topical tretinoin application influences the expression of follicular sulfotransferase. Of clinical significance, in our cohort, 43% of subjects initially predicted to be nonresponders to minoxidil were converted to responders following 5 days of topical tretinoin application.

Tretinoin enhances minoxidil response in androgenetic alopecia patients by upregulating follicular sulfotransferase enzymes.

If you are actually willing to wait 2 weeks for an actual prescription of Tretinoin (start at .05% concentration it id a lot easier on your face) from an online pharmacy based in India, check out the link below. They ship to you as long as you are over 18 years old. It will be a lot more effective compared to OTC retinol.


You can read more about this here —>